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Lénnore Hydrating Body Lotion – Ebony

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Formulated by exclusive ingredients in this Lénnore Hydrating Ebony Body Lotion to help your skin lock in hydration so that, with prolonged use, you will notice your skin is not just softer and more even toned but has increased firmness, too.

Ultra-rich and utterly moisturizing, you will find that this body lotion is a consistently good bet. Every time you put it on is like a luxury experience. This lotion is lighter in consistency and fresher in scent leaving your skin supple without any residue.

Lénnore Hydrating Body Lotion – Ebony

This intensive hand treatment hydrates dry chapped skin by nourishing and restoring moisture besides protecting it from environmental stressors as well. Being a lightweight formulation, it is ideal for all skin types.

This hydrating body lotion works to restore the skin’s natural lipid barrier. From the added antioxidants to the healing eucalyptus oil, this lotion will help restore your skin’s dryness to its warm-weather glory.

Lénnore Hydrating Body Lotion – Ebony


  • Net Weight –
  • Clears skin impurities
  • No significant brightening

How to Use

Gently smooth onto the body, paying special attention to exposed areas of the neck, chest and hands.