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Lénnore Brightening Body Scrub

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Reveal radiant skin with this Lénnore’s rich brightening body scrub enriched with Argan oil and shell exfoliants. This scrub leaves skin not only soft but shimmery and radiant. Great for exfoliating the skin before shaving, this product is not harsh on the skin and can be used often and with sensitive skin.

The grains in this body scrub gently exfoliate, leaving your skin feeling softer, silkier and looking more beautiful than ever. It has an effective exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and improves skin’s natural regeneration process. It works to refresh your complexion, decongest your skin and reduce the appearance of pores in under 10 minutes. It actively retexturizes skin for a brighter, softer, and smoother tone. It has a velvety whipped formula with fine grains that leave skin buffed, but not irritated.

It scrubs your skin to give you an extra-clean feeling and confidence your skin will be zit-free. It contains a cocktail of skin-saving ingredients to refine your skin’s texture and restore elasticity. The ingredients in this scrub plump up your skin and leave it feeling silky.

Lénnore Brightening Body Scrub


  • Net Weight – 500ML
  • Brightens and reveals youthful skin
  • Unveil smooth and radiant skin
  • Free from parabens

How to Use

Soak entire body with warm water and gently scrub from neck down to feet with Lénnore Body Scrub. Rinse off with warm water and shower with any moisturizing body wash, to reveal clearer and more radiant skin. Follow up with the Lénnore body lotion of your choice for a fairer and brighter looking complexion.