Lénnore Brightening Body Lotion – Bright - Diva Lenore Cosmetics
Lénnore Brightening Body Lotion – Bright - Diva Lenore Cosmetics

Lénnore Brightening Body Lotion – Bright

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Lénnore’s Brightening Body Lotion

Lénnore’s Bright Brightening Body Lotion is the most potent body lotion of our collection. Our bright body lotion is formulated with tough skin,stubborn scars and severe hyper pigmentation as main concern.

Co existing with skin problems such as those mentioned above can have a daunting effect on most people.You don’t have to worry anymore as Bright is so effective it’s capable of clearing some of the oldest and most resistant dark spots, while illuminating and bringing out the best version of your complexion.

It contains very potent ingredients that strip you of hyper pigmentation and resistant knuckles to bring out clear, radiant and uniform skin from head to toe.

Similarly,the high end ingredients contained in our ground breaking BRIGHT body lotion such as Arbutin, Kojic acid and low doses of gluthathione work hand in hand to target rebellious zones such as knuckles,feet,elbows,knees. With Bright,issues like dark spots and hyper pigmentation are problems of the past.

The goodness of Aloe Vera and the nourishing touch of Olive butter make your skin smooth and properly pampered. Also loaded with soy complex and light diffusers, BRIGHT improves tone and texture while nourishing dull and dry skin. Its non-greasy formula makes it very light and easy to apply. Just a little is enough to give you soft and huggable skin all day long.


Net Weight – 500ML, 300ML

  • Uniquely formulated with natural light diffusers
  • Reduces dark spots,hyper pigmentation and evens skin tone
  • Provides 24 Hours of extended moisture.

How to Use

Gently smooth onto the body, paying special attention to exposed areas of the neck, chest and hands. Lay emphasis on stubborn areas like knuckles,knees and elbows. Use mostly at night.